Aard Hadar

Hadar2014-06-22 13:16:26
Sorry I know I have been away, I have been going through things IRL, some medical stuff, I'm back though and going to start working on aardfaqs again, please feel free to email me suggestions you have, but until i finish re-working the databases there wont be many visible changes.

Hadar2014-02-05 19:58:47
                     I have made a new article with a link at the bottom it is basically my todo list, if you register/login you can add comments for suggestions to the website Article

Hadar2014-01-28 22:20:44
              "Duckbat.com" in its old form is no more, this site aardfaqs has taken over, all the code is the same from duckbat, if you find any errors or have any suggestions please let me know @ admin@aardfaqs.com this site will have more on it then just these, I am also changing some of the original code, so if you registered before you will need to re-register, have a good day -- im also making news ways to do rooms/items/areas/ect so the database will take a bit to update but it will happen


Duckbat2013-07-08 19:22:18
              There's a new equipment finder now, you can find link below the website (next to campaigns). If you find any errors let me know please.             

Duckbat2013-06-13 16:22:17
Updated website.

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