Hi, welcome to my website about Aardwolf. Here you can search your campaign mobs / rooms and other stuff. Just enter the name in the search bar above and press "Submit". You can also use advanced search. For example to find evil mobs between level 40 and 50 you would search for '+mob +evil &level>40 &level<50' (without the quotes). Search is limited to 50 results per object type. So you will find only 50 mobs. To search for goal items above level 100 that aren't eyes slot you can search for '+goal -eyes &level > 100'. You can also mix names with types. For example '+item sash' would find all items with the word sash in the name. To enter an exact match as name use the quotes. For example '+mob "a grasshopper"'. + In front of keyword means you want this included and - means you want it skipped. & sign means it's a numeric variable and you can use ('>', '<', '>=', '<=', '=', '!='). You can also mix types, for example: '+dagger +axe wood' would search for axes and daggers with the name 'wood' in them. Using exact search is much faster so is restricting your search to a type for example +mob. There is also a campaign searcher - click on the "Campaigns" link below the website. If you find any mistakes or have ideas for improving the site please send me a tell or a note.

Here is a list of all search strings you can append:

(+/-)areaAllow searching for areas.
(+/-)articleAllow searching for articles.
(+/-)itemAllow searching for items.
(+/-)mobAllow searching for mobs.
(+/-)roomAllow searching for rooms.

(+/-)aggroSearch for aggressive mobs.
(+/-)evilSearch for evil aligned mobs.
(+/-)goodSearch for good aligned mobs.
(+/-)hideSearch for hidden mobs.
(+/-)invisSearch for invisible mobs.
(+/-)neutralSearch for neutral aligned mobs.
(+/-)sanctuarySearch for mobs with sanctuary.
&areaSearch for mobs in a specific area.
&levelSearch for mobs with specific level.



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